Jaws Eco Guard Spray (128 oz)

Jaws Eco Guard Spray (128 oz)


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Part Number:1791RF Manufacturer: JAWS

This product is ECO friendly...

ECOguard Concentrate is an evironmentally safe product made with cosmetic grade, pure silicone. This skin safe, non-toxic formula provides maximum lubrication, protection & revitalization with minimum impact on the environment. Use ECOguard Concentrate on wetsuit and drysuit seals, o-rings, gaskets, zippers, rubber, metal & plastic. To revitalize and preserve wetsuit, drysuit and lycra products, combine ECOguard Concentrate with slosh wetsuit shampoo by adding 1/2 oz. (15 ml) ECOguard per 4 gallons (16 liters) of water.



ECO friendly non-toxic formula

Lubricates, protects & revitalizes

High viscosity, high performance

Cosmetic grade, safe on skin

Extremely water repellent

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