Dive Haven offers you the ability to earn several Boy Scout Merit Badges at our facility.  We have approved Merit Badge Counselors on staff to assist you with obtaining your Boy Scout Merit Badges.  We can teach the following Merit Badges: BSA Scuba Reward, Scuba Diving Merit Badge, and First Aid Merit Badge.  We have a state of the art classroom and are currently using the local YMCA pool to teach all your water activites.


The Scuba BSA is an award program that includes an experience contains two parts — Knowledge Development and Water Skills Development. During the first part, participants learn basic dive safety information and overview skills to be used during their water experience. The Water Skills Development session introduces essential dive skills, such as mask clearing, regulator clearing, and alternate air source use. The Scuba BSA program is conducted in clear, confined water by an instructor certified by diving organizations recognized by the BSA. 

BSA Scuba Award

SCUBA Merit Badge

Are you ready to jump in and get your Scuba Diving Merit Badge? Scuba diving is a life changing experience that enables you to embrace challenges in a whole new way.  The first breath underwater, the feeling of total weightlessness as you fly through the water enables you to be part of something so amazing it transforms your life.  We teach the entire Open Water Scuba program with a focus on the core skills and additional Scouting requirements regarding career opportunities and conservation.  It is recommended for Scouts who have completed the SCUBA BSA award patch programs and have expressed further interest in the underwater world.

BSA Scuba Merit Badge


If If you are a troop and want to schedule a private class for your troop, please give us a call at 770-224-6820 and ask us about scheduling a class just for your troop!