NEOsplit Mask Strap

NEOsplit Mask Strap


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Part Number:1793BK Manufacturer: JAWS Color:

NEOsplit mask strap is designed to fit most masks with a removable strap. Its neoprene material, split design, streamline snorkel clip holder & Quick Adjust Buckle make the NEOsplit mask strap the most comfortable, easy to use mask strap available! Will not tangle hair and split design allows space for pony tails. Available in 5 colors (Jet Black; Ocean Blue; Pretty in Pink; YumYum Yellow & Deep Purple).



  • Fits any size mask
  • Split style for secure fit
  • Tangle free, great for ponytails
  • Quick Adjust Buckle
  • Integrated snorkel clip holder
  • Available in 5 colors

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