USNS Vandenberg, Key West


The USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg Wreck off the coast of Key West has become a main attraction for divers from all over the world! She is the 2nd largest artificial reef, measuring in at 522' long and 11 stories tall! Due to Hurricane Irma's impact the ship now sits at its deepest in 165' of water. The main deck lies between 100' and 105' with the tallest super structures ranging anywhere from 55'-70' deep.  It is at the top of the structure that most of the ship's interesting attributes are located, some purposely cut from one part of the ship and welded elsewhere to make attention-getting dive spots from bow to stern.

Fun facts about the ship!

Length: 522" 10" Beam: 71'6" Height: 100 feet from keel to highest point.

The ship was built in 1943 by Kaiser Shipyard in California. Originally named the USS Gen Harry Taylor, she was commissioned as a troop transporter, carrying personal during the last years of WWII. She was the first ship to return to New York Harbor after the surrender of Japan and stayed in service until 1958 when she was decommissioned. In 1961 the ship was acquired by the Air Force and re-comssioned as USAF's Gen Hoyt Vandenberg as a missile tracking ship. In 1983 she was re-acquired by the Navy and continued to serve as a missile tracking ship until she was retired in 1983.

-Advance Divers with Deep Certification Required. 
-All rooms are based on Double Occupancey.
-Tech Divers and Rebreathers are Welcome.
Trip Includes:
-2 Night Hotel Accommodations with Waterfront Views, Pool, at Sugarloaf Lodge, Sugarloaf Lower Key
-Double Dip (2 Tank Dive) on the USNS Vandenberg
-Nitrox ADD ON Available
-Expert Guides Available 
-Sunset Cruise aboard 65ft Sailboat, 8 Craft Beers/Gourmet Wine, and Gourment Hors d' oeuvre. If you do not drink then no worries;  water and sodas also available. 


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USNS Vandenberg, Key West

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