CQR 7LBS Weight Pockets

CQR 7LBS Weight Pockets


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Part Number:SCQR-7 Manufacturer: Sherwood

Loose one of your weight pockets, maybe you purchased a BCD without pockets and now want weight intergraded capabilities, whatever your reason this is what you are looking for. Sherwood's CQR3 Weight Pockets are constructed from durable reinforced nylon with a zipper closure and impact resistant quick release buckle and pull handle. Easy to install and are easy to jettison when an emergency occurs. CRQ3 Weight Pockets are designed to work with Sherwood BCD's equipped with the New CRQ3 Weight Pocket System. BCD's included the AVID, Luna, Axis, Shadow, (see SKU's: SWDAV4, SWDLU, SWDAXN, SWDSH) Weight Pockets are available in 3-weight capacities of 7 lbs., 10 lbs. and 13 lbs. (3.2 kg, 4.5 kg and 6 kg).

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